Saturday, January 9, 2010

The first entry

I thought that hubby and I should create a blog for friends and family to follow through our pregnancy with our little one. We have named it Poppy and I am current 17 1/2 weeks along. We have a photo from over a week ago where my belly bump is starting:
Right now, Clint is in the garage building the crib. We will post pictures as it comes along. I have done very little knitting for Poppy, although I have started a blanket. Right now, I have lots of other projects on needles and several paying customers for hats and the like that have priority.

I am still fairly sick. I have been able to decrease my antinausea meds but it is certainly not at the end of being sick. I have heard from many people that it would be a girl if I am this sick. However, I have heard from others that the way I carry means a boy. The texture of my hair, a boy...the Chinese gender chart, a cravings, a girl. I am waiting for the Ouja board to come out or for someone to put my wedding ring on a string and wave it over my belly. I doubt that the guesses will slow down in the future, but I sure hope they do!

Our ultrasound will be at 20 weeks on January 28th. To the disappointment of many, we are not planning to find out the gender. There are many reasons why we aren't, which I could list here, but why bother? Just know that it will be a big surprise in June!

I doubt either Clint or I will be good about continuously posting. My goal will be once a week!

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